Mind on maps now available as a paperback

Mind on maps paperback books

Mind on maps now available as a paperback

The Kindle e-book version of Mind on Maps has already been out for a while now. Now there’s a paperback version as well! You’ll find them both on Amazon (link).

Have you already opened the book? To know where to take it from here, I’d love to get all the feedback I can about the book. What value did you get out of it? What did you learn? What did you not like about it? What would you want me to write about next?

Leave me a comment on the blog, rate the book on Amazon, give me a shout on Twitter (@AnttiHalla) or write me an e-mail to antti@mindonmaps.com .

Cheers, Antti

PS. I was interviewed about the book on Biggerplate mind map blog last month. Here’s the link.

Antti Halla

M.Sc. in Computer Science, software engineer, personal coach, entrepreneur, writer. “Mind maps are the most important personal tool I use daily. And I’ve been doing so for over ten years now. I use them as a notebook, an idea collection, a personal planner and a project management system. The maps help me study, write, solve problems and think about anything in general. Basically, my whole life is in mind maps.”